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Datum: Thu 10/17/19 10:25PM
Van: Craignuh

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Datum: Thu 10/17/19 1:00AM
Van: AnthonyHix

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Datum: Wed 10/16/19 8:32PM
Van: Hahatone_Rus

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Datum: Mon 10/14/19 4:11AM
Van: Marionhew

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Datum: Sun 10/13/19 3:28PM
Van: MtvAdvertmtx


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Datum: Sat 10/12/19 11:35PM
Van: LoganSet

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Datum: Sat 10/12/19 2:45PM
Van: hydrded

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Datum: Fri 10/11/19 10:32PM
Van: TinaSilt

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Datum: Wed 10/9/19 9:14AM
Van: milanapronkova

Bericht: Hello. And Bye.

Datum: Mon 10/7/19 9:33PM
Van: USI_ae

Bericht: United Steel Industries is a new Rolling Mill in Fujairah. USI is incorporated in 140,000 square meters of land. The plant will produce bar and wire rod products for civil construction. The rolling mill project was designed in 2005 by Germany’s concern SIEMENS - VAI ( SVAI ). Our mill capacity is 1.1 MTPA producing wire rods and Rebar's.

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